The environment and economic growth according to the environmental Kuznets’ Curve

The environment and economic growth according to the environmental Kuznets’ curve

Julia Włodarczyk


Keywords: Environmental Kuznets’ Curve (EKC), Environment, Pollution, Economic growth, Globalization


Summary: It is argued that even if economic growth and protection of the environment are not always compatible, they are not necessarily exclusive, which is emphasized by many findings, especially by the hypothesis of Environmental Kuznets’ Curve. However, it is not the mechanism of Environmental Kuznets’ Curve that automatically reduces the concentration of pollution all over the world. It may be the result of positive changes reflecting microeconomic, macroeconomic and global aspects.

This article concentrates on the mechanisms of the Environmental Kuznets’ Curve and its most significant explanations, demonstrates that progressive degradation of the natural environment can be reversed at a certain stage of economic development and presents some findings regarding Polish economy and environment.



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